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About HMT

Our Vision

In the magical tapestry of our world, where reality blends with the fantastical, emerges Happy Monkey Club, a dynamic platform fusing the thrill of gaming with the transformative power of blockchain. Born from a shared dream, this realm aims to rewrite the rules of digital engagement, bestowing upon players a true sense of ownership and control, akin to a wizard wielding a wand.

Our token, the heartbeat of this world, stands as a symbol of value and possibility, beckoning users to partake in the wonders our universe offers. Our ambition? To create a space teeming with adventures and opportunities, where every action carries weight and each decision moulds the narrative.

Yet, the magic truly lies in our community, the essence of our project. Together, we will weave a tale of unity, innovation, and excitement, proving that in Happy Monkey Club, everyone can experience a bit of magic. We hope you join us on this spellbinding journey, for the future is ours to shape, a story ours to tell.

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

2023 Q2

Setting project roadmap and aligning team's aspirations.

2023 Q2

Shaping the universe and defining key objectives.

2023 Q2
Token Creation

Minting HMT token for its role in our gaming universe.

2023 Q3

Opening our platform to the gaming world.

2023 Q3

Beginning the development of our first game.

2023 Q3

Creating excitement and fostering relationships with our community.

2023 Q3

Launching a grand global marketing campaign.

2023 Q3

Performing rigorous platform testing.

2023 Q3

Forming alliances to bolster our project.

2024 Q1

Embarking on the vital quest to gather users.

2024 Q2
Full Launch

Fully launching our project to enchant players worldwide.

About Team

Our Team

Our narrative unveils our core team, each alias imbued with the ‘Monky’ motif.
“MonkyWebWizard”, with 11 years of web development expertise, masterfully crafts code into digital art.

BNB Adress : 0xb372cf047cbea38626d0a4ec740119c6977a595c

“MonkyDigitalPioneer”, navigates our course with 7 years of vast digital project management experience.

BNB Adress : 0x9e38b4841015f96e0927f03501961e035b31339b

“MonkyAlgorithmSage”, a 9-year academic journeyman, guides us through the intricate labyrinth of coding.

BNB Adress : 0x703a57545b06f7cf7952765004efa48259e72b59

“MonkyCodeProdigy”, a prodigious talent with five years in development, injects our project with youth and dynamism.

BNB Adress : 0xd798249b027265e4a4e52c54fdfefd14668a871f

We aspire to fortify our team with talents from our community, chosen through democratic votes by our HMT token holders. Every two years, we co-founders offer our positions to the community’s judgement, a symbol of our resolve to continually represent our community’s best interests. The magic of Happy Monky Club stems from every individual’s participation in this extraordinary journey.

The Happy Monkey Token (HMT) would be distributed as follows:



Company reserves

Project financing


Platform & Token Technology

In the grand tapestry of the digital universe, the Binance Smart Chain emerges as a pivotal entity, fusing the steadfast blockchain with versatile smart contracts.

We utilize decentralized web technologies like IPFS, establishing a durable, censorship-resistant platform.

Security and transparency are personified in our voting and token distribution systems, sculpted by the intelligent design of smart contracts.

Decentralized Web

In our cryptoverse, we've woven a decentralized web, creating a platform free from central entities, where each user plays an integral role.

Smart contracts

Our smart contracts are like ancient runes, defining every interaction with their infallible logic and precision, ensuring perfect balance.


Just like the limitless sky, our platform is made for endless scalability, adapting to accommodate an ever-growing digital community.

Low fees

Using the Binance Smart Chain, we ensure transactions are as lightweight as a feather, enabling incredibly low fees and a frictionless experience.

Fast transactions

In our platform, transactions happen in the blink of an eye, each transfer resonating with the hum of a finely-tuned system.


Beyond the digital horizon lies our vast ecosystem - a harmonious assembly of users, games, and tokens, all beating in the heart of our Happy Monkey realm.

Happy Monkey Token

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Frequently Asked

HMT is a magical key, fashioned within the cryptic vaults of blockchain, opening the gateways to an immersive, enchanted gaming universe.munity.
Hurry and secure your $HMT tokens now! Visit our online store to make your purchase, but act fast, as the offer is limited! Don’t miss out on this magical opportunity to join Happy Monkey Club and embark on an unforgettable journey in our enchanting gaming universe.
Binance Smart Chain was chosen for its impressive speed and low transaction fees, facilitating smooth interactions within our gaming universe. Its robust architecture supports advanced smart contracts, crucial for driving the complex mechanisms in our ecosystem. Moreover, Binance’s widespread acceptance promotes accessibility, welcoming players from around the globe to our project. 
HMT, akin to Dumbledore’s phoenix, breathes life into our community, empowering them to trade, vote, and create, sowing the seeds of an egalitarian digital realm.
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